About Us

What is Digital Intersection?

Digital Intersection is the place where the copy and creative mold perfectly into your message, where direct mail meets your door, where analytics from every platform meet on the same dashboard, and where your team meets ours. We are consultants, partners, an extension of your team.

We identify best as one-to-one marketers, so think bottom-of-funnel. We love a good awareness campaign, but at the end of the day we’re counting conversions and calculating how much they cost. After all, our favorite metric is ROI. We’re all about execution and the numbers behind it. In that way we’re a tactical marketing agency. It all stems from our obsession with data - it’s in front of and behind every decision we make.

We’ll blame our founder, Bob Mastis, for that. He started Digital Intersection in 2009 with the intent of serving clients by focusing on data to help them achieve their marketing objectives, and over the years, we’ve built a diverse team and a reputation of being a valued, strategic partner around that.


Our Team

Our team is full of personality- a lot of very different ones. It ensures that no idea is left unturned and no skill unattained by us as a unit. Get to know us by clicking on our pictures.

Principal & Founder
Creative Director
Senior Account Executive
Senior Web Developer
Account Executive
Graphic Designer
UI/UX Strategist
Account Coordinator