Integrated Marketing

Whether you need a standalone direct mail package or a comprehensive marketing campaign, we're equipped to assist with conceptualization, content development, strategic planning, and flawless execution.

Email Marketing

From design and content creation to the development of custom mailing lists, our extensive expertise in email marketing enables us to offer strategic planning, compelling content, and stylish design within a responsive template. We harness the power of email marketing platforms that offer the flexibility to launch highly effective campaigns and deliver comprehensive back-end analytics.

Digital Media

We deliver data-backed strategic solutions across a range of digital media platforms. Our approach involves conducting thorough analyses of each client's historical and recent online marketing initiatives. Collaborating closely with the client is fundamental in crafting a personalized, integrated digital media strategy that not only aligns with their marketing objectives but also optimizes their return on investment.

  • KPI measurement and optimization
  • Custom dashboards for internal audiences (senior leadership, strategists, tactical team)
  • Google Analytics
  • DoubleClick
  • Tableau Business Intelligence...turning data into insights
  • Google AdWords and Display
  • Bing and Yahoo
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Native advertising
  • Specialized placements and sponsored content
  • Mobile search and display
  • Remarketing

Direct Mail

Direct Mail carries a personal touch; it's laser-focused, measurable, and tangible. When executed with precision, it proves to be highly effective.

Our wealth of expertise in crafting strategies, overseeing direct mail production and ensuring flawless execution consistently yields substantial returns on investment for our clients in their direct mail campaigns.

Moreover, consumers genuinely appreciate direct marketing, particularly when it pertains to critical subjects such as health products and financial services.