Strategy and Planning

List Development

Understanding the nuances of securing and compiling list sources is more science than art, requiring a disciplined approach to thorough research and testing. When you consider that 60% of the effectiveness of any direct marketing effort hinges on the quality of a list, considerable effort must be made to clearly understand the target audience.

Paid Media Planning & Strategy

Digital Intersection collaborates with our clients to review their campaign goals and create a customized strategy that includes geographic, demographic, behavioral and/or psychographic targeting. Then we review past campaigns to identify successes and opportunities for improvement to apply to new campaigns.

We specialize in everything from short-term campaigns with integrated channels from paid social, Pay Per Click (PPC), display, and pre-roll, to native and programmatic placement across multiple channels, including YouTube and Hulu, Pandora and Spotify, AdWords and Bing, as well as custom placements.

Our team can create a full-funnel marketing initiative from awareness and frequency to leads and re-engagement. We work with our clients to identify measures of success from awareness to lead generation, establish goals for cost-per-lead by media channel—even as granular as cost-per-lead by individual ads.

All campaigns are optimized frequently throughout the life of the program. We can provide custom performance visualization dashboards and Marketing tactics dashboards to identify what is working and what can be improved.