Strategy and Planning

List Development

Comprehending the intricacies of sourcing and assembling lists is a practice grounded in methodology, rather than mere artistry. It demands a methodical commitment to exhaustive research and rigorous testing. 60% of the success of any direct marketing endeavor hinges on the excellence of the list. Therefore, it is imperative to invest substantial effort into gaining a deep and clear understanding of the target audience.

Paid Media Planning & Strategy

Digital Intersection collaborates with our clients to assess their campaign objectives and develop a tailored geographic, demographic, behavioral, and psychographic targeting strategy. We examine prior campaigns to pinpoint achievements and areas for enhancement that can be applied to upcoming initiatives.

Our expertise spans a wide spectrum, ranging from short-term campaigns featuring integrated channels like paid social, Pay Per Click (PPC), display, and pre-roll, to native and programmatic placements across various platforms, including YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, AdWords, and Bing, as well as custom placements.

Our team is well-versed in constructing full-funnel marketing initiatives, spanning from raising awareness and building frequency to generating leads and re-engaging with your audience. We collaborate with clients to define success metrics, from the early stages of awareness to lead generation, and set specific goals for cost-per-lead, even breaking it down to a granular level, measuring cost-per-lead on an individual ad basis.

To ensure optimal campaign performance, we continuously fine-tune campaigns throughout their duration. Additionally, we offer custom performance visualization dashboards and marketing tactics dashboards to identify what is working and what can be improved.